Got a story to tell.

Photographer, Creative Director, CG Animator…all around storyteller.

Started studying engineering before realizing that art is what does it for me. Switched majors and never looked back. The journey started in the US, stopped in Canada for a couple of years and headed back to Africa.

I am the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at SUPRÊME Communication, a creative agency based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire – West Africa).

I like to tell stories; emotional and empathic stories through visual expression, so my work focuses primarily on human connection. From heads of state to nationwide ad campaigns, and continental magazine covers, the challenge is and will remain the same; effectively tell my subject’s story as faithfully as possible.

Got a project? a comment? a memory? (we might have crossed paths in another life!)…hit me up 🙂

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